The Little Book of Passage

3 March 2021 -Italian Poetry Today, University of Oxford

‘What I am is a window’, a poetry reading by Franca Mancinelli Wednesday 3rd March 2021, 5.30 pm: Franca Mancinelli will be joined in conversation by the writer and translator John Taylor. IPT aims to discuss, appreciate, and problematise the issues of contemporary Italian writing, in continuous dialogue with living poets, writers, translators, and scholars.

copertina In dialogue with John Taylor

In dialogue with my translator John Taylor

When we write, we are often immersed in darkness, like a photographer in his darkroom. It is only with time that what has been imprinted on our film resurfaces. Sometimes it is another person’s insight that brings it nearer.

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Mark Glanville su The Little Book of Passage

Following two volumes of verse (Mala kruna, 2007, and Pasta madre, 2013), the Italian poet Franca Mancinelli has turned her hand to a small book of short prose pieces. The Little Book of Passage is the first of her works to be translated into English.